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An indoor stair lift is an incredible resource for the disabled and the elderly. It is far too difficult for some people to get up the stairs on their own, and they may not have an elevator that they can use. Plus, your home or facility may not have any room for an elevator. Because of this, you must choose the stair lift because it follows the stairs that are already in the facility, allows room for everyone else to walk the stairs, and moves fast enough that the user does not feel stuck. Take a look at how the stair lift can be installed and provide you with the safety and security your guests or family members need.


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Stair Lift Models


Straight Stair Lift

A stair lift is a motorized chair that follows a rail up and down the wall where it has been installed. You could have the stair lift affixed to the center of a large stairwell, but it is better to use the wall for extra support.


Curved Stair Lift

Curved stair lifts are more expensive than straight lifts, but work great for certain homes. The stair lift is fixed on a rail that will guide the chair to the top, and the motor will pull the chair up the stairs and guide it down the stairs.


Specialty Stair Lift

We offer a variety of specialty stair lifts to meet your needs as well. Reach out to us to learn more.

Stairlift Installations in Las Vegas

How Are Chair Lifts Installed?

The chair has mounts that are bolted into the stairs as the lift rises from the bottom to the top. You do not need to sink the lift into each step because you can use a few mounts as the stairs rise. Ask your installer how many mounts they need to use, and ask them how much weight the chair lift can hold. When you need the chair to support more weight than normal, you need to request a special chair lift that will hold that much weight. The chair rides on the rail, and it will top at the top or the bottom while allowing you to put your feet on the floor safely.

There are many places where you can have a stair lift installed to help the disabled or elderly. You may put one of these stair lifts in your home because you have elderly family members who need to get up the stairs, or you may get the stair lift for yourself because you have a disability that makes going up the stairs too difficult. You can add these lifts to your large facility, and the installer will do all the work for you. Plus, you can buy these lifts from the installer, get advice on how many you need, how much weight they can carry, and how much they cost.

We are located at Stair Lifts Las Vegas, Inc., 6857 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145 (by appointment only). Please call for a free quote: 702-602-7190

Stair lifts vary widely in cost depending on your home and the type of stair lift that is being built. We have many affordable options. Please reach out to our staff for a quote.

Ask For An Estimate

You should ask for an estimate to see how much it costs to install he lift in your space. It is very simple for you to adjust the estimate based on what you are provided along with the lift, and you may ask your installer to use special materials that may offer more support. If you run a very large facility, you may need to place a stair lift on each set of steps. Because of this, you may request a bulk discount because you have purchased so many chairs.

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